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Terms & Conditions

As a condition to using any of Laundry Lounge’s (“Company”) services, you (“Customer”) agree to the following terms and conditions each time you do business with us. Please read the following agreement carefully.

Laundry Lounge strives to provide its clients with the highest level of integrity, honesty and
service, however despite careful procedures, there is always a slight possibility that a garment may be damaged or lost.

Company accepts Customer garments by weight and does not perform an individual garment count.
All bags of clean garments must be signed for by Customer at pick-up.
Discounts, Promotions, Coupons and Special offers are limited to one per address and may be restricted to single use. Copies are not valid.
Company reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, including resulting from conflict.
Company reserves the right to refuse cleaning any garment that in our opinion are not good candidates for garment care including but not limited to, items with fecal matter, urine, bed bugs, etc.
Company does not guarantee removal of all stains.
Company accepts no liability for damage due to normal wear and tear or discoloring, bleeding, shrinkage, runs, rips, tears or any other damage.
Company is not responsible for checking manufacturer care labels. Special care and delicate articles (i.e., hand wash only”, “dry clean only, etc.) requiring special attention should not be submitted.
Company is not responsible for any loss, damage or theft of items left unattended by Customer during drop-off or pick-up or to any items left in the clothing, bags or anything else. Customer agrees to remove all items from garments and delivery bags prior to submission.
Customer must notify Company within 3 business days of receipt of any lost or damaged items from that particular service session. Failure to do so or refusal to allow a garment to be inspected constitutes waiver of a claim for any lost or damaged items. No exceptions. Please check your contents immediately upon receipt.
Company accepts no responsibility for an allergic reaction caused by the soaps and chemicals we use even if the wrong detergent is used by mistake.
Company is not responsible for unclaimed items that have not been picked up for 7 business days of being cleaned. They will be stored for 2 additional weeks. After that, due to storage limitations, items may be donated to charities or shelters. If special arrangements are requested by Customer to Company and Company has the capacity and agrees, then a storage fee will apply.
Although we have an excellent process, loopholes and human error can occur. If you do not return an item that was erroneously provided to you, we will be forced to seek appropriate compensation and support our claim possibly utilizing video surveillance and tracking records.

The liability under this Terms and Condition shall only be restricted to the general monetary damages not to exceed the amount incurred by the Customer for the service that has been rendered within the transaction where the damages are alleged to have occurred.  This will be the extent of Company’s liability regardless of the form in which any equitable or legal action may be brought and the foregoing shall constitute Customer’s exclusive remedy. Company will not be held responsible or liable for any consequential, special, indirect, incidental, or punitive loss or damages whether or not Company knew or should have known of the likelihood of any loss or damages. Company disclaims all warranties express or implied with respect to the services rendered under this agreement.

Company has the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time and it is the responsibility of the valued customer to check back for changes. This agreement and any documents referred to herein constitute the complete, exclusive, and entire agreement between the parties; and shall be governed by state (Maharashtra) law, with venue and jurisdiction proper in the place where services were provided.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this agreement, please contact us at or by telephone during regular business hours at +91 9028332225